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Occupational Therapists

Mikaila Horan, MS, OTR/L Email: Mikailahoran@insprinigtalkers.com
Mikaila Horan
Mikaila received her masters degree in occupational therapy at the University of New Hampshire and moved out to Colorado to work with Inspiring Talkers in the summer of 2014. She came earlier that summer to work with Adams Camp, a unique camp for kids with special needs and their families to stay a week in Winter Park and receive intensive therapy from a transdisciplinary team. She has worked with adults with severe developmental disabilities at a day program where she first became interested in working with children with augmentative communication needs. She has also worked in a clinic in NH that had a focus on feeding and sensory processing disorders. Mikaila lives in Fort Collins and loves being in the mountains, gymnastics and painting.
Dani Thomas, MOT, OTR/L Email: Danithomas@inspiringtalkers.com
Dani Thomas
Dani is an occupational therapist from Eastern Oregon. She has a bachelor's degree in psychology from Boise State University and a Master's of Occupational Therapy from Colorado State University. Dani became interested in occupational therapy after working with children and adults with disabilities doing outdoor activities such as snowboarding, rock climbing, canoeing, and rafting. In her free time she enjoys reading, playing games, spending time in the outdoors, and playing with her cat, Monty.
Kelsey Bosworth, M.S., OTR/L Email: Kelseybosworth@inspiringtalkers.com
Kelsey Bosworth
Kelsey received her Masters of Science from the University of South Dakota in 2014. During her time at USD, she completed research studying sensory processing deficits, specifically working with children who toe walk. Kelsey has completed the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) training and is certified to complete feeding therapy with children who demonstrate both sensory and oral motor difficulties with feeding. She has also completed further training in feeding therapy specifically working with children from six to 16 months of age. Kelsey is an active member of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). Her passion is driven by providing children with the opportunity to be successful in an overstimulated world, as well as giving parents a deeper understanding of Sensory Processing Disorder. Kelsey moved to Colorado in 2015 and enjoys spending her free time in the outdoors doing various activities: camping, hiking, snowshoeing, and biking.
Elizabeth (Beth) Large, MOT, OTR/L Email: Bethlarge@inspiringtalkers.com
Beth Large
Beth is an occupational therapist originally from Northeastern Ohio. She has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Kent State University and a Masters of Occupational Therapy from University of North Dakota Casper Campus. Beth has worked with people with disabilities in a multitude of contexts, including working for a wilderness-based high school that included rock climbing, backpacking, and camping. Beth has been a certified equine assisted activities instructor through PATH International since 2010, where she found her passion for occupational therapy. She completed her scholarly project in creating a multidisciplinary program for veterans with PTSD in a context including equines. Beth has presented at several PATH Intl regional conferences and an international webinar. In Beth’s free time, she likes to spend time with horses, run, camp, and dream of traveling.